Participate in FIRE’s Give Half for Liberty Campaign and Make a Difference on Campus!

April 30, 2010

Earlier this year, FIRE launched the Give Half for Liberty Campaign as a way for our supporters to encourage change at the schools closest to them while also helping FIRE raise the funds necessary to continue our vital work. The idea is simple: People give half of what they would usually donate to their college of choice to FIRE instead. In turn, FIRE will work with that school to reform its vague, overbroad, or easily abused speech policies so they can regain the lost support. Already, the campaign has affected the bottom lines of universities across the country, including Harvard, Princeton, and Duke.

If you too would like to help your alma mater or the college your child attends reflect a true marketplace of ideas, this is the campaign for you! There is no better way to motivate a university than to prove that its unconstitutional policies are negatively affecting its bottom line. In fact, just days after FIRE notified Princeton that it had lost half of an alumnus’ annual contribution because of its speech codes, we received a response from Princeton University president Shirley Tilghman opening the doors for collaboration with FIRE. Your school could be next if you donate today.

If you participate in the campaign before the end of May, we will send you one of our new FIRE T-shirts, so act now! If you donate $50 or more to help reform a school’s speech codes, we will not only send a letter alerting the administrators to the fact that they have lost half of your financial support, but we will also send them a free bound copy of our new handbook for administrators, Correcting Common Mistakes in Campus Speech Policies.

Whether you decide to donate today or not, please consider showing your support for Give Half for Liberty by joining our Facebook event.