Petition to Overturn Columbia’s Sexual Misconduct Policy, May 16, 2001


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We the undersigned are dismayed by Columbia University’s decision to eliminate due process protections for those accused of sexual misconduct. We call upon the Board of Trustees of Columbia University to exercise their deepest fiduciary obligation and to overturn a policy that is inconsistent with the values of a civilized and free society. This fall, Columbia University imposed a fatally flawed and unfair sexual misconduct policy.

Revealingly, the faculty of Columbia Law School itself chose to exempt its students from this policy. The sexual misconduct policy, specifically designed to eliminate the already weak protections of a prior code, lacks even the most minimal safeguards and fundamental fairness. It offers no substantial protections to the accused, who, in decent societies, are presumed to be innocent and are treated as such.

Sexual assault and rape are among the most heinous, immoral, and destructive acts. They are, of course, crimes that Columbia should refer to New York prosecutors for ultimate adjudication. If Columbia University itself is going to have tribunals that hear charges of such grave misconduct—where findings of guilt would forever alter the life of those so judged—it has a paramount moral responsibility to offer rightful protection of the accused and to guard against wrongful accusation and conviction. This is doubly the case because testimony at such hearings is usually admissible in criminal proceedings. Civilized societies have learned to tolerate casual procedures when charges are not weighty, as in traffic court, but to insist upon the fullest protections of due process and fairness in the search for truth when charges are momentous. The charge of sexual violence and rape, which is what Columbia means by “sexual misconduct,” is momentous.

The sexual misconduct policy at Columbia University annihilates the rights of the accused: the right to timely and specific notice of charges; the right to an impartial hearing panel; the right to confront, hear the testimony of, and cross-examine one’s accuser; the right to hear and cross examine all witnesses; the right to a recording and transcript of one’s hearing for purposes of appeal or legal action; the right to discuss one’s case; and the right to meaningful counsel.

Further, under the new policy, the hearing panel is specially “trained” in matters of sexual misconduct. The history of witchcraft trials, courts of Star Chamber, and various inquisitions teaches that justice suffers under tribunals that are assigned special moral missions. Such tribunals, established to deal with alleged offenses so awful that regular procedures are deemed inadequate to resolve them, receive a message that invites prejudgment and overzealous persecution: They have a transcendent duty to redress a singular evil. The privilege of attending Columbia University should not entail the abandonment of fundamental rights, protections, and decencies.

Proponents of the new policy expressed their commitment and view of things by wearing red tape. They denounced as “red tape” what were, in fact, procedures and protections already inadequate in terms of the rights of the accused. There is a simple test of good faith: Would the Trustees of Columbia University want anyone whom they loved and knew to be innocent tried under the new sexual misconduct policy? It is the practice of decent societies to offer the fullest safeguards of a fair pursuit of truth before convicting individuals on the basis of accusations or in the name of values other than justice. We, the undersigned, call upon the Trustees of Columbia University to do their moral duty and revoke this dangerous and indecent policy.

[Partial listing]

Lois Acton

Columbia University, Class of 1960

Sasha Albertini


Houston Humanist Alliance

Joel David Alger

Kent State University Alumnus

Mike Allen, Ph.D.

Professor of History and American Studies

University of Washington, Tacoma

Elizabeth Rice Allgeier, Ph.D.

Professor, Psychology Department

Bowling Green State University

Gayne John Anacker

Professor of Philosophy

Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA

Robert L. Anderson

Department of Government

Associate Professor

University of West Florida

David J. Armor

Research Professor

School of Public Policy

George Mason University

Daniel Asia

Professor of Music

University of Arizona

Evelyn Avery


English Department

Towson University, Towson, MD

Stephen H. Balch


National Association of Scholars

Dr. A. Dwayne Ball

Associate Professor of Marketing

University of Nebraska

Fred Baumann


Kenyon College

Merlinda Barreras-Brooks

Cal State, Chico, Class of 2002

Avent C. Beck (Columbia College, Class of 1983)

Executive Director

Virginia Association of Scholars

David T. Beito

Associate Professor

Department of History

University of Alabama

Herman J. Belz

Professor, University of Maryland

Bruce L. Benson

DeVoe Moore Distinquished Research Professor

Department of Economics

Florida State University

Jay Bergman

Professor of History

Central Connecticut State University

David B. Berman

State University of New York, Buffalo

Dr. Marshall Berman

Retired, Sandia National Laboratories

John A. Bertolini

Middlebury College

Gerald Betty

Visiting Professor of History

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Cliff Blackstock

College of Engineering

Oklahoma State University

Jan H. Blits


University of Delaware

Michael K. Block

Department of Economics

University of Arizona, and


Goldwater Institute

Walter Block

(Columbia University Ph.D. in economics, 1972)


Department of Economics, Finance, Insurance and Risk Management

University of Central Arkansas

John C. Bonnell

Professor of English

Macomb Community College

Tony Booth


Danbury (CT) Public Library

David J. Bordua

Professor of Sociology Emeritus

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Rayman Bovell

Columbia University, Class of 1996

O. Randall Braman, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

University of Guam

William Walter Brown

Professor of Economics

California State University, Northridge

David Brudnoy, Ph.D.

Adjunct Professor

College of Communication

Boston University

M. Northrup Buechner

Associate Professor of Economics

St. John’s University, New York

Michael Burger

Professor of History

Mississippi University for Women

Michael Burlingame

May Buckley Sadowski Professor of History

Connecticut College

Joseph S. Busey, Ph.D.

American Board of Professional Psychology

John M. Campbell

Alumnus of Columbia University

Paul A. Cantor

University of Virginia

Louis Chandler


Department of Psychology in Education

University of Pittsburgh

Richard Chacon

Professor, Department of Anthropology

El Camino College, Torrance, CA

James Chalmers

Political Science

Wayne State University

Michael Chamberlain

Associate Professor of History and Chair

Middle East Studies Program

Department of History

University of Wisconsin

Jonathan Chaves

Professor of Chinese, Chairman

Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures

The George Washington University

Robert Cherry

Deptartment of Economics

Brooklyn College

Geo C. Christie

Jack Citrin

Professor of Political Science

University of California, Berkeley

David Clarke


Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Leon E. Clark

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

American University

David Clemens

Professor of English

Monterey Peninsula College

Isaac Clemens

University of California Berkeley, Class of 2002

Chris Connolly

University of California, Berkeley, Class of 1974

Robert M. Costrell

Professor of Economics

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Ralph Coti

Stephen Cox

Professor of Literature

University of California, San Diego

Curtis Crawford

Educator and Clergyman, Retired

Glynn Custred

Professor of Anthropology

California State University

Ed Cutting

School of Education

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

David Damstra

Columbia, Class of 1958

Evelyn Damstra

Columbia University School of Social Work, Class of 1979

Barry M. Dank

Professor of Sociology

California State University

Miriam C. Davis

Associate Professor of History

Delta State University

Midge Decter


David Deming

Associate Professor of Geology & Geophysics

University of Oklahoma

Henry Demmert

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Leavey School of Business & Administration

Santa Clara University

George W. Dent, Jr.

Schott – van den Eynden Professor of Law

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Columbia College 1969, Columbia Law School 1973

Philip E. Devine

Professor of Philosophy

Providence College

Leon Dixon

Muncie, Indiana

Donald A. Downs

Professor of Political Science, Law, and Journalism

University of Wisconsin, Madison

President, Committee on Academic Freedom and Rights

Edward J. Earley

Professor of Education

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Gareth Eckmann

Columbia University, Class of 2002

Dwight Eddins

Professor, English

University of Alabama

Ward Elliott

Burnet C. Wohlford Professor of American Political Institutions

Claremont McKenna College

John M. Ellis

Professor Emeritus of German Literature

UC Santa Cruz, and


Association of Literary Scholars and Critics

Howard Falberg

Columbia College, Class of 1954

Columbia Business School, Class of 1956

Robert Faulkner

Professor, Political Science Department

Boston College

Daniel Alex Finkelstein

Columbia University, Class of 1997

Will Fitzhugh

The Concord Review

Michael J. Forrester

President (retired), Artificial Intelligence Inc.

Chief, Planning and Apprisal Division (retired), Federal Aviation Administration

Northwest Region, Seattle, Washington

Columbia University, Class of 1971

Michael Christopher Foss

Columbia University, Class of 2003

Matthew J. Franck

Chairman and Associate Professor

Department of Political Science

Radford University

Gunter N. Franz

Associate Professor of Physiology

West Virginia University

Linda Frey

University of Montana

Professor of History

Marsha Frey

Professor of History

Kansas State University

Norman Fruman

Profesor Emeritus

University of Minnesota

Bob Frykenberg

Professor Emeritus

Department of History

University of Wisconsin-Madison

John J. Furedy, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

University of Toronto, Canada

Bruce Gans

Professor of English

Chairman of the Great Books Curriculum

Wright College, Chicago, Illinois

Jack Gerardi

Charles Geshekter

Professor of History

California State University

Donald Gochberg

Professor of English

Michigan State University

Phillip Goggans

Department of Philosophy

Seattle Pacific University

Samuel Goldman

Rutgers University

Richard B. Goldstein

Professor of Mathematics

Providence College, RI

J. Alex Graeffe

University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2004

Donald D. Gray

Associate Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

West Virginia University

Kenneth Greene R.N., CPAN

Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Henry Ford Hospital

Robert K. Griffith

Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

West Virginia University

Steven Grosby

Associate Professor

Clemson University

Stephanie Gutmann

Graduate School of Journalism

Columbia University, Class of 1990

Gordon Haave

Steven Hayward

Senior Fellow

Pacific Research Institute for Public Policy

San Francisco

Thor Halvorssen

Executive Director

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Benjamin F. Hammond, DDS, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus University of Pennsylvania

Research Professor Temple University

Ronald Hamowy

University of Alberta

John W. Harbin

The University of Iowa College of Law

Cynthia Leon Harrington

University of Arizona alumna

Monica J. Harris

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

University of Kentucky

Patricia Hausman, Ph.D.

Lakeside Consulting

Elizabeth L. Haynes, Ed.D.

W. H. Brady Foundation

Stephen Haycox

Professor of History

University of Alaska Anchorage

Edward W. Hayes

Tyler Haynes, Ph.D.


Saginaw Valley State University

Sidney Helfant


Department of History

Kingsborough CC-CUNY

William Helmke

Columbia University, Class of 1990

Dale Herspring


Kansas State University

H. Scott Hestevold

Professor of Philosophy

University of Alabama

Max Hocutt

Professor of Philosophy

University of Alabama

Paul Hollander

Professor of Sociology

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Kevin D. Hoover

Professor of Economics and Chair

Department of Economics

University of California

Joseph M. Horn


Texas Association of Scholars

Robert Alan Hornak

President, NY Young Republican Club

Steven Horwitz

Deptartment of Economics

St. Lawrence University

Diana Hull, Ph.D.

Lester H. Hunt

Professor of Philosophy

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Carol Iannone


Academic Questions

Eden Jacobowitz

The Institute for International Research

Marianne M. Jennings

Professor of Legal and Ethical Studies

College of Business

Arizona State University

David Josephson

Columbia BA 1963, Columbia MA 1965, Columbia Ph.D. 1972

Associate Professor of Music

Brown University

John Anthony Joyner

Duke University, Class of 2001

Tim Jurik

Columbia, Class of 1993

Douglas A. Kahn

Paul G. Kauper Professor of Law

University of Michigan Law School

Wendy Kaminer

Affliated Scholar

Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Marcia Karp

Lecturer, English

Boston University

Jonathan Katz

Professor of Physics

Washington University, St. Louis

John R. Kayser

Associate Professor

Political Science

University of New Hampshire

Myles J. Kelleher

Professor of Sociology

Bucks County Community College

Michael Kellman

Professor of Chemistry

University of Oregon

Pamela Kelly

Homeschooling Parent

Joan Kennedy Taylor

Feminists for Free Expression

Adam Kissel

Teaching Assistant

University of Chicago

Heinz Klatt


Department of Psychology

University of Western Ontario

Jan Kmenta

Professor Emeritus of Economics and Statistics

University of Michigan

Jonathan W. Kohn

School of Engineering

Columbia University, Class of 1964

Steve Kokkins

Brian Kors

Colgate University, Class of 2003

George M. Kranc

Professor of Electrical Engineering,

The City College

Columbia, Class of 1953, Class of 1956

Ralph Kranz

Asscoiate Librarian

University of Utah

Jay Krasnow

Princeton University, Class of 1992

Michael I. Krauss

Professor of Law

George Mason University, and


Virginia Association of Scholars

Kevin A. Laack

Graduate Student

California State University, Northridge

Paul S. Lake

Professor of English

Arkansas Tech University

Ramdas Lamb, Ph.D.

University of Hawaii, Manoa

Walter Lammi

Associate Professor of Philosophy

The American University in Cairo

Dorothy Lang

Associate Professor of Management

City University of New York

(A.B. Barnard College)

Russell Lascola


California Polytechnic State University

Gary Lawson


Boston University School of Law

Mary R. Lefkowitz

Department of Classical Studies, Wellesley College

Pierre Lemieux

Visiting Professor

Université du Québec à Hull

Co-director, Groupe de Recherche Économie et Liberté (GREL)

Research Fellow, Independent Institute

Robert Lerner

Maryland Association of Scholars

Richard G. Lester

Professor Emeritus


Eastern Virginia Medical School

Marc Levin

President, Texas Federalist Society

Vice Chairman, Young Conservatives of Texas

Student, University of Texas School of Law

Jason Levine, M.D.

Columbia University, Class of 1995

George M. Lewis

Mathematics Department

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Professor Leonard P. Liggio,

George Mason University

Bobby Lilly

Foundation for the Advancement of Sexual Equity

Berkeley, California

Paul Lineback

Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, Oregon

Thomas H. Lipscomb


The Center for the Digital Future

Charles Logan

Professor of Sociology

University of Connecticut

Joseph G Louderback

Clemson University, emeritus

Max Lund

San Diego State University

Professor Richard John Lynn

Department of East Asian Studies

University of Toronto

Myron Magnet

Columbia College BA 1966, Columbia GSAS Ph.D. 1973

Editor, City Journal

Faizal Mahmood

Columbia University, Class of 1995

Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, Graduate Student

Ian Maitland


University of Minnesota

Columbia University, Ph.D., 1979

Matthew Malkan

Associate Professor of Astronomy

University of California, Los Angeles

Allan Mandelstamm

Professor of Economics (Ret.)

Virginia Tech

Harvey C. Mansfield

William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Government

Harvard University

Jerry L. Martin


American Council of Trustees and Alumni

John Jovan Markovic

Associate Professor of History

Andrews University

Perry P. Mason


The Student Advocate

Ken Masugi


Center for Local Government

The Claremont Institute

Dr. John Mathys

Associate Professor of Finance

De Paul University, Chicago, Il

David N. Mayer

Professor of Law and History

Capital University Law School

Michael F. McCanles

Professor of English

Marquette University

Ronald McCamy

Philosophy Department

Moorpark College

John McCarthy

Professor Emeritus of Computer Science

Stanford University

James McCown

Department of Economics

Florida Atlantic University

Doug McCullough

Ph.D., Emory University, 1978

Wendy McElroy


William F. Meehan III

Executive Director

Minnesota Association of Scholars

Stephen T. Mennemeyer, Ph.D.

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Professor, School of Public Health

Michael Meyers

Executive Director

New York Civil Rights Coalition

William Meyers

New York City

Abraham H. Miller


Dept. Political Science

University of Cincinnati

Michael E. Mills

Associate Professor

Psychology Department

Loyola Marymount University

Samuel Miranda

Columbia University, Class of 1969

James E. Moore, II

Associate Professor

Civil Engineering and Public Policy & Management

University of Southern California

Paul Moreno

Assistant Professor of History

Hillsdale College

Elaine Morris

Althea Nagai

Maryland Association of Scholars

K.R. Nair

Professor Emeritus of Economics

WV Wesleyan College

Joseph K. Nawrocki

Anne D. Neal

Vice President and General Counsel

American Council of Trustees and Alumni

Michael J. Neth

Professor of English

Middle Tennessee State University

Menahem Neuer

Richard Nieporent, Ph.D.

Columbia College, Class of 1964

David Nicholas

Department of History, Clemson University

Frederick Noz

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Columbia University, Class of 1985, 1987

Charles W. Nuckolls


Department of Anthropology

University of Alabama

Dr. Robert J. O’Hara

Biology Department

University of North Carolina

Carl Olson

Columbia University MBA 1969

Columbia University MS (Journalism) 1968

Richard Orodenker

English & American Studies

Pennsylvania State University, Abington College

Dr. Maria Pagano

New York City Technical College

Department of Social Sciences

John R. Palmer

Ohio State University

Columbus, OH

Hal Pashler

Professor of Psychology

University of California, San Diego

Daphne Patai

Professor of Women’s Studies and of Portuguese

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Stanley G. Payne

Hilldale-Jaume Vicens Vives Professor of History

University of Wisconsin

William W. Pendleton, Ph.D.

Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Marguerite Peruto

Assistant Director

Financial Aid

Brown University

Joseph Petite


Columbus State University

Norman Podhoretz

Jeffrey J. Poelvoorde

Associate Professor of Politics

Department of History and Politics

Converse College

Virginia Postrel


Reason magazine

Stephen B. Presser

Raoul Berger Professor of Legal History

Northwestern University School of Law

David Prichard

Anne Pym

Professor of Rhetoric

California State University, Hayward

Dr. Don Racheter

Professor of Political Science

Central College

Ronald Radosh

Professor Emeritus of History

The City University of New York

Senior Research Associate

The George Washington University

Ward L. Reed, Jr.

BA, Yale University; MBA, Wharton Graduate Division, University of Pennsylvania

Thomas C. Reeves

Professor of History

University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Roberto Refinetti, Ph.D.

Circadian Rhythm Laboratory

University of South Carolina

John Reist

Professor of Christianity and Literature

Hillsdale College

Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Professor of Law

University of Tennessee

Andrea Millen Rich


Center for Independent Thought

Glenn M. Ricketts

Public Affairs Director

National Association of Scholars

John A. Robinson, MD

Loyola University, Chicago

Stritch School of Medicine

Lynn D. Robinson

Graduate Student

Department of Sociology

Princeton University

James P. Roeder

Safety Supervisor

Tigerpoly Manufacturing, Inc.

Professor Peter Rollberg, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Slavic Studies and Film Studies

Chair, Department of German and Slavic Languages and Literatures

The George Washington University

Jordan Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Morningside Institute, San Francisco, California

Milton J. Rosenberg

Professor of Social Psychology

University of Chicago

Robert Rosthal

President, North Carolina Association of Scholars

David J. Rothman


Crested Butte Academy

Stanley Rothman


Center for the Study of Social and Political Change

Mary Huggins Gamble Professor of Government Emeritus

Smith College

Ronald D. Rotunda

Albert E. Jenner, Jr. Professor of Law

University of Illinois College of Law

Charles K. Rowley

Duncan Black Professor of Economics

George Mason University

Michael Rudikoff

Eva Ryten

Former Director, (retired)

Office of Research, Association of Canadian Medical colleges

Steve Sailer


Human Biodiversity Institute

Mr. Sami A. Samarrai

Library Services Assistant

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Wallace Sampson, M.D.

Julian Sanchez

Senior Editor

Laissez Faire Books

Lloyd Sandelands

Professor of Psychology

Professor of Business Administration

University of Michigan

Nahma Sandrow

Bronx Community College, CUNY

Mark Sanford

Graduate Teaching Asst.

University of Louisville

David Sauvage

Columbia College, Class of 2002

David Warren Saxe

Associate Professor

Pennsylvania State University


Pennsylvania State Board of Education

W. M. Schaffer, Professor

Frederick C. Scherr

West Virginia University

Robert A. Schluter

Professor emeritus, Physics and Astronomy

Northwestern University

Erik Schneider

University of Virginia

Eric Schopler

Founder and Co-Director Division TEACCH

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Kimberly Schuld

Director of Policy

Independent Women’s Forum

William A. Schroeder

Professor of Law

B.A. 1966, J.D. 1969, University of Illinois

LL.M. 1977, Harvard University

Howard S. Schwartz

Professor of Organizational Behavior

School of Business Administration

Oakland University

Howard Schweber

Deptartment of Political Science

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Father Harry B. Scott, III

University of Kentucky, Class of 1969

Ralph Segalman, ACSW, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

California State University, Northridge

David Seidemann

Geology Department

Brooklyn College

Clive Seligman


Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship

Department of Psychology

University of Western Ontario

Daniel Shapiro

Department of Philosophy

West Virginia University

Malcolm J. Sherman

Math Department

University at Albany, SUNY

Lulla Shermis, Sp.D.

Foundation for the Advancement of Sexual Equity

Black Mountain, North Carolina

Philip Siegelman

Professor Emeritus of Political Science

San Francisco State University

Joseph M. Skelly

College of Mount Saint Vincent

New York, NY

Royal Skousen

Professor of English and Linguistics

Brigham Young University

Kirk D. Smith

Adjunct Faculty in History

Saint Andrews Presbyterian College

Ted J. Smith III

Associate Professor

School of Mass Communications

Virginia Commonwealth University

Jaime Sneider

Columbia College, Class of 2002

Columbia Spectator columnist

Larry Soderquist

Professor of Law

Vanderbilt University

Christina Hoff Sommers

W.H. Brady Fellow

American Enterprise Institute

Jay L. Spaulding

Columbia University Ph.D. 1971

Department of History

Kean University

Jamie Spencer

Andrew C. Spiropoulos

Professor of Law

Oklahoma City University School of Law

Dan Steele, University of South Carolina

Sheldon Stern

Historian, JFK

Library, 1977-1999

Jeff Stier

Joseph Stimpfl


Center for International Education

Webster University

J. E. Stone


College of Education

East Tennessee State University

Robert L. Stone


Concerned Friends of the University of Chicago

Columbia University MA (Political Science) 1972

Carey E. Stronach

Professor of Physics

Virginia State University

Peter Suedfeld

Department of Psychology

University of British Columbia

Patrick Suppes

Lucie Stern Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

Stanford University

Sylvester C. Sviokla IV

Georgetown University, Class of 1999

William K. Tell, Jr.

American Council of Trustees and Alumni

Abigail Thernstrom

Senior Fellow

Manhattan Institute

Stephan Thernstrom

Winthrop Professor of History

Harvard University

Lionel Tiger

Professor of Anthropology

Rutgers University

Dick Tomasson

Professor Emeritus of Sociology

University of New Mexico

Gloria Thomas

Professor of Marketing Baruch College, CUNY

Kenneth R. Thomas

Professor of Rehabilitation Psychology

University of Wisconsin-Madison

C. Bradley Thompson


Department of History and Political Science

Ashland University

William Todd-Mancillas, Ph.D.

California State University

Marc Trachtenberg

Professor of History

University of Pennsylvania

Stanley W. Trimble


UCLA Geography Dept

Eric Triplett

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Martin Trow

The Goldman School of Public Policy and

The Center for Studies in Higher Education

University of California, Berkeley

Matthew R. Turner

MLA Graduate Student

Winthrop University

Laurent Vasilescu

Columbia College, Class of 1999

Milan Vydareny

Software Developer

Columbia University, Class of 1966

Glen Wade

Professor Emeritus

University of California, Santa Barbara

David M. Wagner

Associate Professor

Regent University School of Law

Terry Walbert

Baltimore, MD

Karl Ward


Columbia ACLU Committee on Disciplinary Procedures

Columbia Spectator Columnist

Columbia College, Class of 2001

Bradley C. S. Watson

Fellow in Politics and Policy

Center for Economic and Policy Education

Saint Vincent College

Leigh Weber


World Tree Consulting

Rev. Fr. Alexander F. C. Webster, Ph.D.

Professorial Lecturer of Philosophy & Religion, American University (D.C.)

Phyllis Weinreb

M.S., Columbia University SSW, 1947

John T. Wenders

Professor of Economics

University of Idaho

John C. Wenger

Professor of Mathematics

Harold Washington College

Arthur T. White

Professor of Mathematics

Western Michigan University

Richard W. White, Jr.

Senior Fellow

James Madison Foundation

Berkeley, California

Alan M. Whitman

Professor of Engineering

Villanova University

Will Wilkinson

University of Maryland & Institute for Humane Studies

Steven J. Willett

Professor of English

Shizuoka University of Art and Culture

Hamamatsu City, Japan

Bradford Wilson


Academic Questions

Clayton D. Williams

Associate Professor Emeritus of Physics

Virginia Tech

John C. Williams

Graduate of St. John’s College

Mark Winchell

Professor of English at Clemson University in South Carolina

Alan Wolfe

Boston College

Phillip Wood-Smith

Middlebury College

J. David Woodard

Thurmond Professor of Government

Clemson University

Cathy Young

Foundation for the Advancement of Sexual Equity

Middletown, New Jersey

Tatum P. Young, M.Ed.

Foundation for the Advancement of Sexual Equity

Jules Zentner, Ph.D.

Lecturer in Scandinavian, UCLA

Allen Zollman

Instructional Technology Specialist

Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

Lee L. Zwanziger

Virginia Association of Scholars

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