Praise for FIRE from ‘Richmond Times-Dispatch’

September 11, 2012

The staff of Richmond, Virginia’s Richmond Times-Dispatch has some glowing praise for FIRE in the the newspaper’s opinion section. The opinion piece covers FIRE’s recent list of the seven best colleges for free speech in 2012, noting that Virginia has three schools on our honors list. (Not surprising, since Virginia is also home to the most "green light" schools according to our 2012 Spotlight report!

The Times-Dispatch staff calls FIRE "one of the foremost champions of America’s most important liberty: free speech" and notes that FIRE’s victories against "restrictions on free expression at campus after campus across the country" have much of the time been conducted "[a]lmost singlehandedly."

FIRE extends our thanks to the Times-Dispatch for its recognition of the importance of free speech on campus and for its praise for our work. Check out the rest of the editorial on the Richmond Times-Dispatch website.