prior reservation

By August 28, 2013

Use of campus facilities may not be denied student/employee groups, clubs and organizations desiring the use of said facilities for the presentation of productions, films, and the like, simply by reason of a controversial content or appeal to prurient interests. However, such activities, as all other activities by student/employee clubs and organizations, must be regulated, monitored and/or supervised by the President’s designee. With respect to the aforementioned productions, films, and the like, the following recommendations shall govern:
a. Time, place, and manner of presentment shall be determined or approved by the president’s designee as identified herein;
b. Advertising of the event shall be limited to on-campus publications, bulletin boards and flyers distributed only on campus;
c. Information describing, generally, content or nature of the presentation shall be prominently posted at or near the entrance to the area in which the event is being held;
d. Only members of the campus community and bona fide guests of such members may be admitted;
e. The authorization or permit for such presentations may not be granted with such frequency as to constitute competition with similar presentations in communities in close proximity to the campus ….