Public Awareness Project

FIRE’s main website serves as an educational resource for students, faculty, parents, administrators, journalists, and lawyers. The site informs visitors of the current state of liberty on American campuses through archived cases, news reports, publications, event listings, and more. It also offers more interactive features, such as a confidential venue for the submission of cases and direct links to FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus Project and Spotlight: The Campus Freedom Resource (which contains comprehensive information on the state of liberty on hundreds of America’s campuses). In 2005, FIRE launched its own weblog (or “blog”), The Torch, which is a forum for FIRE staff contributors to comment on administrative abuse, campus trends, misunderstandings of the law, and other issues.

In addition to the website, the Public Awareness Project employs a variety of other methods to educate the public about the threats to individual rights on our nation’s campuses and demonstrate the methods of preserving those rights. FIRE’s leadership appears frequently on national and local television and radio programs. FIRE also places advertisements about student rights in campus publications and conducts public information campaigns on college campuses. Additionally, FIRE uses its Media Network to expose abuses to the press and uses its website and e-mail network to inform interested parties about current and ongoing cases. About twice a month, FIRE sends out its electronic newsletter, the FIRE Update, to over 8,000 subscribers.

In 2008, FIRE launched its Multimedia Project, beginning with a video directed and produced by “Indoctrinate U” director Evan Coyne Maloney and Andrew Marcus. FIRE’s Multimedia Project includes regular installments of original video content, a weekly podcast program called FIREside Chats, and a video contest for college students.

Supporters can also stay up-to-date with news and campus happenings by reading FIRE’s publications, like The FIRE Quarterly, a hardcopy newsletter mailed out four times a year, the Annual Report, and FIRE’s newest publication, The Lantern: The Journal of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which includes scholarly articles written by FIRE staff. The online edition is available now, and print copies of the first full issue will be available in 2009.