Put FIRE on a Big Screen Near You

April 13, 2007
Indoctrinate U, a documentary film by Evan Coyne Maloney that prominently features FIRE cases and details “the real assault on free speech and free thought occurring on campuses all over the country,” is ready for release!
The film takes a hard-hitting look at the problems we encounter at FIRE daily as we strive to defend the rights of students and faculty. With interviews from university administrators, students, and FIRE staff members, Indoctrinate U gives its audience an up close and personal look at the free speech crisis on campus.
According to the film’s website, hundreds of thousands of people have seen the trailer for the film, which is available here. People can signal their interest in seeing the film in their area by entering their zip codes on the film’s website. Please consider supporting this important project by requesting the film’s release in your area.