Rave Review of FIRE’s New Free Speech Guide in ‘Huffington Post’

September 13, 2012

University of Nebraska Professor David Moshman has published a glowing review of FIRE’s newly revised Guide to Free Speech on Campus in The Huffington Post. We’re most grateful for his kind words, and I encourage you to read his review in full.  

Moshman, the author of a worthwhile book on academic freedom, highlights many of the updated Guide‘s attributes, among them, the Guide‘s comprehensiveness, its grounding in both the law and in the history and moral theory of free speech over centuries, and its emphasis on free speech as a crucial element to maintaining a healthy democracy and society. He also praises the bipartisan group of supporters FIRE brings to the cause of defending free speech on campus-not least of them being former Attorney General Edwin Meese, III and former ACLU President Nadine Strossen, whose endorsements the Guide proudly carries.  

I could pick just about any paragraph from Moshman’s piece out of a hat to highlight here. Rather than doing that, though, I’ll leave Torch readers with Moshman’s closing message: 

FIRE’s Guide to Free Speech on Campus is not just for students, however, and not just for Nadine Strossen and Ed Meese. It should be read by anyone who cares about free speech or higher education. And if you don’t care about either, read it anyway: You’ll learn why you should care about both.

Be sure to read the whole review at The Huffington Post, and download our newly-updated Guide to Free Speech on Campus here