Gina Luttrell Staff PhotoProgram Associate, Public Awareness Project

Gina graduated cum laude from Georgia’s Agnes Scott College in 2011, receiving a B.A. in philosophy and political science. While in college, she co-founded and led the Agnes Scott College Libertarians, which held a number of free speech events on campus during her tenure. After graduating, Gina completed the Koch Summer Fellow Program through the Institute for Humane Studies at the Sam Adams Alliance, where she completed projects in web and graphic design. In 2012, her passion for discourse and discussion led her to FIRE.



3 Ways Colleges Try to Hinder Your Online Speech (and 5 Ways You Can Fight Back

Colleges try to censor speech in myriad ways, but students never expect administrators to come after their online speech. From Joseph Aziz being punished for a comment he made on YouTube, to Kara Spencer, who was brought up on disciplinary charges just for sending an email, colleges and universities use will use nearly any means at their disposal to hinder speech, even when it’s solely online. In this presentation, hear about some of the most prevalent ways in which administrators attempt to go after students for saying things online that they don’t like—and find out how you can fight back.