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A new statement from Zoom suggests the service is beginning to take more seriously the pivotal role it plays in online education and academic freedom. Read more

Cornell community escalates challenges to proposed dual degree program in China Read more

For students or student governments trying to speak out about China, it may seem that they can’t win — either by saying what they believe, or by staying silent. Read more

Other universities should consider following ASU’s lead. Read more

FIRE has praised Cornell for its principles guiding the institution’s partnerships with universities and programs abroad. Those principles now face a test. Read more

Faculty bodies should consider pressing universities to investigate their reliance on Zoom and the impact it may have on academic freedom. Read more

House Resolution 512 urges countries to abolish their blasphemy and apostasy laws and ensure the freedom and safety of those imprisoned under such laws. Read more

A panel on China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims was zoombombed by attendees, who played China’s national anthem and wrote over their presentation. Read more

Today, FIRE wrote to more than 400 institutions to encourage them to take note of a new report on academic freedom released by the United Nations. Read more

Hong Kong student journalists are facing increasing threats to free speech by recent legal developments. Read more

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