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A recent report reveals an attempt by Pakistan’s government to use its restrictions on “hate speech” to pressure Google to censor a faculty petition. Read more

A doctoral student researching national security in the UAE was accused of spying on behalf of the UK, and reportedly denied access to an attorney. Read more

The 200-plus academics who signed the petition accusing some UK universities of “put profit before human rights” have struck a victory. Read more

This week, Scholars at Risk released Free to Think 2018, its fourth report in an annual series addressing threats faced by academics around the world. Read more

A debate suggesting “major religions should portray God as a woman” faced blowback at Georgetown's Qatar campus, and was subsequently cancelled. Read more

A new report addresses how U.S. universities have handled demands that they censor content deemed “sensitive” by China. Read more

Over 200 academics in the UK signed on to a statement questioning the wisdom of opening satellite campuses in Egypt. Read more

A controversy could lead to a positive outcome at the University of Western Australia: adoption of the Chicago Statement. Read more

Over the past few months, the limits of students’ free speech rights have been at the center of debate in Hong Kong. Read more

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