Rights in the News: Harvard and Yale in Race to the Bottom

August 14, 2009

Neither Harvard nor Yale has acquitted itself particularly well recently, as those who have been following The Torch know.

The smackdown of the dismal case comment about DeJohn v. Temple published in the April edition of the Harvard Law Reviewalready so masterfully orchestrated by FIRE Justice Robert H. Jackson Legal Fellow Kelly Sarabynhas continued unabated. Former FIRE President (and possibly embarrassed Harvard Law School alum) David French wrote about Kelly’s "definitive takedown" of the comment, sharing FIRE’s shock at the HLR‘s complete ignorance of case law on speech codes and its lazy acceptance of the unconstitutional limits speech codes put on the freedoms of college students and faculty. And as Will blogged yesterday, college student Riley Waggaman hilariously (and with a profanity befitting of the HLR‘s scholarship) lacerates the comment on his blog The Diploma Mill. Erin O’Connor added her two cents over on her blog Critical Mass, as well, terming the anonymous authors of the comment "either ignorant or dishonestor both."

Also, as I blogged earlier today, Robert has an article in Pajamas Media today calling out the Yale University Press for its refusal to publish controversial cartoons about Mohammed … in a book about the controversy surrounding their printing in a Danish newspaper in 2005. Oh, the irony.