Rights in the News: Stanford Case Continues to Captivate; Dave Barry Video Highlights FIRE

July 31, 2009

For a second straight week, the story of the Stanford University School of Education’s appalling treatment of recently graduated student Michele Kerr has been holding the attention of many in the higher education community. Last Friday Washington Post education columnist Jay Mathews published a detailed and damning 2,000-word expose on the Stanford Teacher Education Program’s (STEP’s) attempts to prevent Kerr’s entry into the program, and then to build a case against her to kick her out. This week the Examiner newspapers ran a guest column by FIRE’s Adam Kissel, which took STEP to task for its treatment of Kerr. As I noted in a previous entry, Kerr’s case has not only grabbed mainstream media attention, but also perked the ears of a number of education bloggers.  

Greg blogged about the Stanford case in The Huffington Post, where this week he also blogged about FIRE’s new video featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning humorist Dave Barry and his thoughts on campus free speech and FIRE’s work.

For your further viewing pleasure, be sure also to check out Greg’s interview with Reason‘s Matt Welch at Reason.tv.