Clovis Community College

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  • Clovis Community College: California College Censors Conservatives on Campus

    August 11, 2022

    Flores v. Bennett — Complaint Plaintiffs Alejandro Flores, Daniel Flores, and Juliette Colunga are students at Clovis Community College and founding members of the college’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF-Clovis), a conservative student group. To spread their message and attract new members, Alejandro, Daniel, and Juliette — like many other students — post… Read more

  • Students sue college president who invented rules to ban conservative flyers

    August 11, 2022

    Public records reveal administrators schemed to justify removing flyers deemed “inappropriate” because of conservative messages FIRE lawsuit challenges blatant viewpoint discrimination, seeks to hold administrators personally accountable  Student: “​​Our college should encourage us to discuss and sharpen our ideas, not shut down the conversation.” FRESNO, Calif., Aug. 11, 2022 — Three conservative college students wanted… Read more