Georgia Gwinnett College

Location: Lawrenceville, Georgia
Type: Public
Federal Circuit: 11th Circuit

Speech Code Rating

Georgia Gwinnett College is not currently rated in our system. To request speech code information about this school, please submit a speech code request form.

At present, FIRE has not been involved in any cases at this school.
At present, FIRE does not maintain information on this school's policies.
  • Department of Justice files Statement of Interest in campus free speech case, Uzuegbunam v. Preczweski

    September 26, 2017

    As Attorney General Jeff Sessions indicated in his remarks at Georgetown today, the United States Department of Justice today filed a Statement of Interest in a federal lawsuit against Georgia Gwinnett College. The DOJ’s filing, which apprises the district court of the federal government’s views of the issues in the case, is embedded below and available here. The operative complaint, filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom, alleges that a student at Georgia Gwinnett sought to share his religious views outside of the school’s two tiny free speech zones, which occupy less than 0.0015% of the college’s campus. To use the zones, […]

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  • March Student Spotlight: ‘Free Speech’ Resolution Authors at Georgia Gwinnett College

    March 29, 2013

    FIRE’s Student Spotlight feature recognizes students who are doing outstanding work to promote individual rights on their campuses. This month, FIRE recognizes the work of students at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC), who authored a stirring “Free Speech on Campus” resolution calling on the college to honor its moral and legal duties as a public institution under the First Amendment.  As Azhar reported on The Torch earlier this month, Michael Christian, a student senator at GGC, contacted FIRE last June to ask about speech codes at his school. FIRE’s review found several problematic policies on the books at GGC. Armed with FIRE’s […]

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  • At Georgia Gwinnett College, SGA Resolution Expresses Students’ Desire for Free Speech

    March 1, 2013

    Students at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) in Lawrenceville, Georgia, have reason for increased optimism regarding the protection of their free speech rights. That’s because their peers in the Student Government Association (SGA) recently passed a stirring resolution calling on the public institution to honor its moral and legal duties under the First Amendment by upholding freedom of speech on campus. The SGA resolution is not only a result of GGC students working with FIRE towards the improvement of their institution’s speech codes, it is a fine illustration of student government advocating for their fellow students’ essential rights.  FIRE was first […]

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