Norfolk State University

Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Type: Public
Federal Circuit: 4th Circuit

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Speech Code Rating

Norfolk State University has been given the speech code rating Yellow. Yellow light colleges and universities are those institutions with at least one ambiguous policy that too easily encourages administrative abuse and arbitrary application. Read more here.

At present, FIRE has not been involved in any cases at this school.
FIRE Speech Code Memorandum for Norfolk State University

Yellow Light Policies
  • Student Activities & Leadership: Posting Information

    Speech Code Category: Posting and Distribution Policies
    Last updated: November 15, 2018

    All flyers/ posters that are hung anywhere on campus must first be taken Event Scheduling on the 2nd floor of the Student Center and stamped for approval.

    You must have a confirmed event inorder [sic] to have your flyers stamped.

    Approved fliers are to be posted on bulletin boards only.
    Posting of fliers is prohibited on
    Lamp posts

    Failure to follow this regulation will subject the organization to disciplinary sanctions.

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  • Community Standards & Expectations Guide for Residential Living

    Speech Code Category: Bullying Policies
    Last updated: November 15, 2018

    Harassment to include but not limited to bullying/cyber-bullying, intimidation and/or hate crimes.

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Green Light Policies
  • Administrative Policy # 48-01 (2014): Acceptable Use of Technological Resources

    Speech Code Category: Internet Usage Policies
    Last updated: November 14, 2018

    Within reason, freedom of speech and access to information for business and academic purposes will be honored. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to: …

    3. Intentionally downloading and/or transmitting fraudulent, threatening, obscene, intimidating, defamatory, harassing, discriminatory, or otherwise unlawful messages or images;

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  • BOV Policy # 05 (2015): Title IX: Sexual Violence, Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: November 15, 2018

    “Sexual Harassment” is any unwelcome sexual advance, request for sexual favors, or other unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, whether verbal, non-verbal, graphic, physical, or otherwise, when the conditions outlined in provisions (1) and/or (2), below, are present.
    “Gender-Based Harassment” includes harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, which may include acts of aggression, intimidation, or hostility, whether verbal or non-verbal, graphic, physical, or otherwise, even if the acts do not involve conduct of a sexual nature, when the conditions outlined in provisions (1) and/or (2), below, are present.

    (1) Submission to or rejection of such conduct is made, either explicitly or implicitly, a term or condition of a person’s employment, academic standing, or participation in any NSU programs and/or activities or is used as the basis for NSU decisions affecting the individual (often referred to as “quid pro quo” harassment); or
    (2) Such conduct creates consent. A “hostile environment” exists when the conduct is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it unreasonably interferes with, limits, or deprives an individual from participating in or benefitting from NSU’s education or employment programs and/or activities. Conduct must be deemed severe, persistent, or pervasive from both a subjective and an objective perspective.

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  • Administrative Policy # 27-02 (2014): Code of Student Conduct

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: November 14, 2018

    The following are violations of the Code of Student Conduct: …

    Harassment is conduct so severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive that it effectively prevents the victim’s access to educational opportunity or benefit. …

    Threatening behavior whether written or verbal, towards any member of the University community that causes an expectation of injury or implies a threat to cause fear.

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At present, FIRE does not maintain information on this school's policies.
  • Speech Code of the Month: Norfolk State University

    November 7, 2012

    FIRE announces its Speech Code of the Month for November 2012: Norfolk State University in Virginia. Norfolk State, a public university in Virginia, maintains an Acceptable Use of Technological Resources policy (PDF) that unlawfully restricts protected expression in a number of different ways. The policy defines “technological resources” quite broadly to include “information systems; computer hardware and software; network and telecommunications systems and services; and Internet access.” The policy contains an extensive list of “prohibited activities” for users of the university’s technological resources, including using those resources “to further personal views” or “religious or political causes.” It also prohibits downloading […]

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