Shawnee State University

Location: Portsmouth, Ohio
Type: Public
Federal Circuit: 6th Circuit

Speech Code Rating

Shawnee State University has been given the speech code rating Red. A red light university has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech. Read more here.

This school does not have any cases at this time.

Red Light Policies

  • Procedure 5.01:4 Sexual Harassment/Misconduct

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: August 6, 2015

    Sexual harassment (also called “sexual misconduct”) is conduct that is: 1) sexual in nature; 2) unwelcome; and 3) denies or limits an individual’s ability to participate in or benefit from the University’s education program or work environment.

    Hostile environment sexual harassment occurs when the purpose or effect of the harassing conduct unreasonably interferes with a person’s work or academic performance or ability to participate in an educational program or activity or when it creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment for working, learning, or living on campus.

    Sexual harassment encompasses a wide range of conduct. Some examples include, but are not limited to: …  2.3.3 Sexually explicit statements, questions, jokes, or anecdotes regardless of the means of communication (oral, written, electronic)

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Yellow Light Policies
  • Title IX: Frequently Asked Questions

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: August 6, 2015

    What are some examples of sexual Harassment?

    Inappropriate behavior may include:

    • Sexual jokes, innuendoes, gestures
    • Unwanted flirtation, advances, or propositions
    • Pressure for sex
    • Leering
    • Display of sexually suggestive objects/visuals
    • Display/transmission of sexually suggestive electronic content
    • Any unnecessary, unwanted physical contact
    • Sexual assault (if this occurs, call the police immediately and maintain evidence)


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  • Student Conduct Code: Violations

    Speech Code Category: Bullying Policies
    Last updated: August 6, 2015

    Harassment, intimidation, stalking, bullying, including cyber-bullying, and/or other threatening behavior.

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  • Student Conduct Code: Statement of General Principles

    Speech Code Category: Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility
    Last updated: August 6, 2015

    All members of the university community share a responsibility for maintaining an environment where actions are guided by mutual respect, civility, and integrity.

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