Texas Christian University

Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Type: Private

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  • Texas Christian University: Student Suspended for Social Media Posts

    July 29, 2015

    On May 8, 2015, Texas Christian University (TCU) suspended student Harry Vincent for commentary posted to his personal Facebook and Twitter profiles related to current events, including unrest in Baltimore and the rise of the “Islamic State.” The suspension came after a non-student apparently living in Maryland created a post on her Tumblr page containing… Read more

  • Proposed Title IX regulations: A single investigator is not enough

    July 25, 2019

    A Texas Christian University official recently went on record to dismiss the U.S. Department of Education’s newly proposed Title IX regulations, arguing the school’s procedures are “more accurate” and “fair.”  According to a story published last week in TCU’s student publication, TCU360, its chief inclusion officer and Title IX coordinator Dr. Darron Turner prefers TCU’s… Read more

  • TCU Reinstates Student Suspended for Facebook and Twitter Posts

    August 6, 2015

    Late yesterday, Texas Christian University (TCU) student Harry Vincent reported via Twitter that the institution has reversed a suspension levied against him in May for Twitter and Facebook posts about the protests in Baltimore, the threat of terrorism, and the spread of the “Islamic State” that offended individuals off campus. According to Vincent, although his… Read more

  • Texas Christian University Tramples Student’s Rights in Order to Appease Angry Internet Mob

    July 29, 2015

    TCU suspended a student for social media posts made about current events A non-student in Maryland urged her Tumblr followers to write TCU about the student’s posts TCU suspended the student and banned him from campus residence halls despite policies explicitly promising students free speech rights FORT WORTH, Texas, July 29, 2015—Texas Christian University (TCU)… Read more