University of Toledo

Location: Toledo, Ohio
Type: Public
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Speech Code Rating

University of Toledo has been given the speech code rating Yellow. Yellow light colleges and universities are those institutions with at least one ambiguous policy that too easily encourages administrative abuse and arbitrary application. Read more
  • Policy 3364 -50-02: Nondiscrimination

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: May 14, 2018

    Harassment: Physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of an offensive, intimidating or threatening nature based on an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, military or veteran status, genetic information, familial status, or politic... Read More
  • Residence Living Guide: Residents’ Rights and Responsibilities

    Speech Code Category: Policies on Tolerance, Respect, and Civility
    Last updated: May 14, 2018

    All residential communities at The University of Toledo are based on the understanding that every student has both rights and responsibilities. It is the student’s responsibility to respect the rights of all community members regardless of backgrounds, beliefs, values, or attitudes. The University of Toledo expects ... Read More
  • Policy 3364-30-04: Student Code of Conduct

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: May 14, 2018

    (3) Harassment – Unwelcome conduct (verbal, written, or electronic) that is so severe, pervasive, and offensive, it substantially interferes with the ability of a person to work, learn, live, participate in, or benefit from the services, activities, or privileges provided by the University. This violation will... Read More
  • Residence Living Guide: Advertising and Solicitation

    Speech Code Category: Posting and Distribution Policies
    Last updated: May 14, 2018

    Obscene, racist and/or offensive materials directed toward an individual or group of individuals is not permitted for public display in residence halls, including the outside of residents’ room/suite doors. Read More
  • Title IX: Definitions

    Speech Code Category: Harassment Policies
    Last updated: May 14, 2018

    Sexual harassment: Sexual harassment is unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature. It includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature. A single instance of rape is sufficiently severe to create a hostile environment. Sexual harassment can... Read More
  • Student Organization Handbook: Political Activity

    Speech Code Category: Other Speech Codes
    Last updated: May 14, 2018

    Student general fee dollars may not be used to support any political candidate or political cause whether federal, state, local or University level. Read More
  • Policy 3364-5-14: Expression on Campus

    Speech Code Category: Protest and Demonstration Policies
    Last updated: May 14, 2018

    Any person or group may use, without prior notification, any publicly accessible outdoor area of any university campus except parking lots, garages and driveways. Federal, state and local laws will be enforced as applicable. The use of walkways or other common areas may not block the free passage of others nor imped... Read More
  • University of Toledo: Police Enforce Unwritten Policy to Censor Political Protesters

    August 20, 2015

    On September 15, 2014, former presidential advisor Karl Rove spoke at UT as part of a university-sponsored lecture series, which was free and open to the public. A group of students and community members aimed to peacefully protest Rove’s appearance and prior involvement in President George W. Bush’s foreign policy by distributing literature outside the lecture venue and carrying signs of protest. Campus police, however, prevented from entering the event with their signs despite the students’ assurances that they would not be disruptive to other attendees and repeatedly failed to cite any UT policy justifying their censorship of the students’ protest. FIRE wrote to UT regarding its unconstitutional censorship of the protesters’ activity on October 10, 2014, having been alerted to the incident by the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC). In response, UT worked with the organizations to craft a new “Expression on Campus” policy, which took effect June 1, 2015, and includes protections for students’ right to peaceful protest and demonstration.

  • U. of Toledo Adopts Freedom of Expression Policy After Censoring Karl Rove Protesters

    August 20, 2015

    TOLEDO, Ohio, August 20, 2015—Incoming and returning students at the University of Toledo (UT) will be protected by a newly established policy on freedom of expression. The new policy comes almost a year after campus police officers suppressed the peaceful protest activities of students at a lecture by political strategist Karl Rove. Alongside the American-Arab… Read more

  • Students Create Free Speech Walls to Celebrate First Amendment

    September 27, 2013

    Students at colleges across the country are encouraging their peers to exercise their right to free speech by building “free speech walls” on their campuses—displays where students can write or draw whatever they want.  Free speech walls are a great way for students to share ideas in a public way. For example, student group Dorm… Read more