Whittier College

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Federal Circuit: 1st Circuit

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  • Hecklers shout down California attorney general, assembly majority leader at Whittier College

    October 13, 2017

    Last week, Whittier College — my alma mater — hosted California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, in a question-and-answer session organized by Ian Calderon, the Majority Leader of the California State Assembly. They tried to, anyway. The event ended early after pro-Trump hecklers, upset about Becerra’s lawsuit against the Trump administration over DACA, continuously shouted slogans and insults at Becerra and Calderon. A group affiliated with the hecklers later boasted that the speakers were “SHOUTED DOWN BY FED-UP CALIFORNIANS” and that the “meeting became so raucous that it ended about a half hour early.” The event, held in Whittier College’s Shannon […]

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  • Whittier Law Professor Instructs Students on the Dangers of Censorship

    July 13, 2016

    A group of law students sent an anonymous letter to one of their professors objecting to the fact that she wore a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt to class; her response has gone viral. Inside Higher Ed’s Scott Jaschik verified the authenticity of the correspondence, identifying students at Whittier Law School in California as the authors of the original letter and Professor Patricia Leary as the author of the response. The students were offended by Leary’s T-shirt because they found it disrespectful. Professor Leary was not impressed with either their demand that she stop wearing the shirt or the logic behind […]

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  • Alum: Whittier College Must Do Much Better on Student Speech

    October 26, 2012

    Over on his blog, Whittier College (Calif.) alum Adam Steinbaugh writes a great piece exposing the restrictions Whittier places on its students’ campus expression. As Adam writes, Whittier maintains a number of laughable speech codes and has a long way to go, both in policy and in practice, toward respecting student free speech. Take, for instance, Whittier’s “Publicity Policy,” which states in relevant part: “All emails/advertisement must be in good taste and non-libelous…” (emphasis added). This, writes Adam, is clearly problematic: Even assuming this applies only to commercial advertisement, it places total authority to determine what can be distributed in […]

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