SHARE – Sexual Harassment: What You Should Know – What is Sexual Harassment?

August 28, 2013

Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual attention that makes a person uncomfortable or causes problems in school, at work, or in social settings. Either men or women can be targets of sexual harassment, and sexual harassment can occur between individuals of the same gender. It may result from an intentional or unintentional action and can be subtle or blatant. In order to determine if the examples below constitute sexual harassment, the full context in which the behavior occurs must be considered:
• From time to time, a group of students hang out in front of the dining hall and rate female students (from 1 to 10) as they leave the building. Some women avoid that dining hall because of this behavior.
• Two members of an eating club persistently ask a prospective member to talk about favorite sexual fantasies. When the prospective member refuses and walks away, one member yells, ‘You won’t get in this club if you don’t know how to take a joke.’