SHSU Social Media Policies and Procedures Manual

Pertinent excerpts from the SHSU social media policy:

  • SHSU has trademarked “Sam Houston State University,” “SHSU,” and affiliated terms. As such, only members of the Official Community will be allowed to use identify themselves with the University’s name in social media.
  • The SHSU Marketing and Communications Department reserves the right to access and manage Official Community accounts. They reserve the right to edit and delete content as appropriate. … This office will also have approval of your official profile image/avatars and will keep your passwords on file in order to facilitate proper account transitions if/when another Social Media Ambassadors or any key account manager steps into your role. … Student organization presidents will have access to social media account passwords along with their Social Media Ambassador or their decided upon account manager.
  • …If you currently have social media accounts set up for your organization and wish to join the Official SHSU Social Media Community, these will need to be registered and become officially recognized. Logins and passwords will be required as part of the application.
  • …Without voluntary opt-in and approval, these accounts are not a part of the Sam Houston Social Universe, they cannot display any Official SHSU Social Media Community branding, and they will not be included on the Official SHSU Social Media Community Directory Listing.
  • Restrictions

Members of The Official SHSU Social Media Community are representatives of the University and, as such, all university policies and the guidelines here should govern your behavior. … the University claims the right to remove comments and content from social media accounts if they:

• Are inaccurate, defame, or otherwise impact the University’s reputation and integrity.
• Include offensive language…

For the full text of the policy, please refer to the below PDF.

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