Some Examples

August 28, 2013

The following behaviors could be considered sexual harassment if unwelcome:

* Sexual innuendoes and comments.

* Intrusive sexually explicit questions.

* Sexually suggestive sounds or gestures such as sucking noises, winks, or pelvic thrusts.

* Repeatedly asking a person out for dates or to have sex.

* Rating a person’s sexuality.

* Ogling or leering, staring at a woman’s breast or man’s derriere.

* Spreading rumors about a person’s sexuality.

* Graffiti about a person’s sexuality.

* Name-calling, such as “bitch”, “whore” or “slut”.

* Frequent jokes about sex for males/females.

* Letters, notes, telephone calls, or material of a sexual nature.

* Pervasive displays of pictures, calendars, cartoons or other materials with sexually explicit or graphic content.