Speech Codes, FIRE Widgets, and Free T-Shirts

December 6, 2007

FIRE has released its 2007 Speech Codes Report and the prognosis for freedom on campus is dire, unless FIRE and friends keep the pressure on wayward universities. Public pressure has been crucial to FIRE victories at the University of Delaware and at numerous universities across the country. FIRE’s Speech Code of the Month feature has led to the revision of targeted speech codes at seven universities since its inception. As we often say, universities are loath to defend in public what they do in private.

In light of our report’s findings we ask FIRE friends to do their part to end the scourge of campus speech codes. Please post a FIRE speech code widget on your blog or website. With a FIRE widget you will be able to highlight the speech codes at a college or university of your choice on FIRE’s Spotlight: The Campus Freedom Resource. For your effort, we’ll send you a free FIRE t-shirt. Just follow the directions below.

1. Visit thefire.org/spotlight and select your school by state, region, or just by typing it into the search box.

2. When your school’s page comes up, look on the right sidebar to see the widget for that particular school. Below it is a box with some text in it—select it all and copy it to the clipboard.

3. Go to your blog or website, and paste in the text wherever you want the widget to appear (it’s made for a sidebar, but should work anywhere).

4. Send us a link to your site with the widget posted on it and your mailing address.

Then we’ll send you a free FIRE t-shirt!