Statement by Chancellor Matthew Goldstein

October 3, 2001

October 3, 2001

The tragic events of September 11th have profoundly
affected and altered the lives of countless New Yorkers, in ways that
we are still struggling to grasp. The entire University community joins
with our fellow Americans throughout the City, State, and the Nation,
and friends of America around the world, in mourning the lives of those
who perished.

I have no sympathy for the voices of those who seek to justify
or make lame excuses for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the
Pentagon with arguments based on ideological or historical
circumstances. There are no excuses for deliberate actions taken to
kill innocent people. Those who would make such lame excuses should
take pause to remember the children left without parents, the wives and
husbands who lost their dear ones in these heinous and reprehensible

Clearly, nothing will be the same as it was before September
11th. New York City has time and again demonstrated its greatness by
continually rising to meet new challenges and overcome new obstacles.
One of the challenges now before us is to maintain our determination,
resolve and solidarity without compromising the free exchange of ideas
that gives birth to many of the concepts, activities, and services
abounding in urban life. Now more than ever, the University must remain
strong and vibrant.

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