‘Stossel in the Classroom’ Highlights FIRE Resources

January 26, 2012

Veteran journalist John Stossel’s Stossel in the Classroom initiative, which has supplied over 140,000 teachers nationwide with multimedia materials for classrooms, now highlights FIRE as a resource for students and teachers looking for more information about freedom of speech and other fundamental rights. The site describes FIRE’s work defending college students confronting violations of their rights on campus, and also points out the utility of FIRE’s Spotlight database of university speech policies for those high school students choosing which university to attend next fall.

Check out FIRE’s website for a wide variety of First Amendment educational resources.

As we often say here at FIRE, high school students and their parents owe it to themselves to “know before they go”in other words, to check out a college’s stance on free speech and its past history with student rights before committing to attend that school. That way, students and parents can be sure that their tuition dollars will be put towards a college or university that values freedom of speech in both practice and policy.