Student Handbook – Guide to Student Organizations – General Guidelines – Activities

By August 28, 2013

Unauthorized Soliciting, Advertising, Selling, and Distribution of Material

Students, student organizations, groups of students, solicitors, agents, salesmen, etc., may not solicit, advertise, sell, or distribute material of any nature on University-owned or Universitycontrolled property without approval. Request for approval should be in writing and directed to (a) the Director of Residential Life/Housing for the areas of residence halls and married housing; (b) The Student Center Director for the Student Center and Centennial Plaza; (c) the Vice President of Administrative Affairs for all academic facilities, Library, maintenance area, etc.; (d) the Director of Athletics for intercollegiate athletic fields; and (e) the Superintendent of Maintenance for all other outside areas. Requests for approvals for other University facilities should be directed to the appropriate facilities manager.