Student Handbook – Posters, Signs, Notices, Banners, Advertisements

August 28, 2013


These types of items must be reviewed and stamped by the Office of
Student Activities and Community Service (OSACS) and may only be displayed on building bulletin boards, outdoor bulletin boards on Campus Walk and outside Seacobeck, or on Seacobeck tables. Items may be attached to bulletin boards only with appropriate materials such as thumbtacks, push pins, standard staples, masking or cellophane tape. Do not use heavy-duty or strapping tape, nails, or heavy-duty staples (as from staple guns).

1. ALL posters, signs, notices, and advertisements must be stamped by the OSACS staff in Seacobeck Hall before posting and shall be fully removed by the posting party within 24 hours following the event or activity.


3. Campus Center/Campus Walk Bulletin Boards: Items for posting must be stamped by the Office of Student Activities, placed only on bulletin boards, and will be removed every Monday morning.


5. Residence halls: items for posting must be reviewed by the Asst. Director, Graduate Resident Director, or Head Resident, and attached to bulletin boards with appropriate materials (as noted above).