Student Press Law Center on FIRE’s Speech Code Report: Virginia is #1

January 11, 2012

Adam Goldstein of the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) blogged yesterday about FIRE’s 2012 speech code report. SPLC’s offices are in Virginia, so Adam was particularly proud of Virginia’s designation as the best state for free speech in higher education:

The SPLC’s offices are in Virginia, and while it’s possible that’s a coincidence, I’d like to think it’s also possible that colleges are on their best behavior when I’m around. I need to make a "scare-dean" out of my old jeans and shirts stuffed with straw for when I visit other parts of the country. Then when someone asks a dean of students of a Virginia school to censor, he or she will peek out from the blinds and see my scare-dean in the parking lot and say, "I’m committed to free speech. For now." Of course, it’s also possible it has something to do with the high quality of Virginia schools and a better understanding of the importance of dissent to our system of government.

For more of Adam’s fun and insightful commentary on campus speech codes, read the full blog entry here.