Need FIRE’s Help? Submit Your Case or Question

FIRE welcomes questions and case submissions from students and faculty members concerned about potential violations of their rights. When it is warranted, FIRE will contact colleges and request that their administrations remedy violations of your rights. FIRE may also seek to bring public attention to student and faculty cases in order to pressure universities to uphold student and faculty rights.

Before submitting this form, we recommend that you type your case details into a new document outside your web browser, where you can save your information in the event of an error. Please edit your submission for clarity before submitting it. When possible, it is helpful to indicate in your submission what documentation you have to support your case.

If you are having trouble submitting the form, please try using a different web browser. If you continue to experience technical difficulties, please email us at

Please do not call FIRE regarding the status of your submission. While FIRE makes every effort to respond to each individual submission in a timely manner, our staff devoted to reviewing submissions is small and FIRE receives several hundred submissions per year. We aim to respond to each submission within a few business days.

Submitting your case to FIRE does not mean that you are committed to filing a lawsuit or, indeed, any action at all. The overwhelming majority of FIRE case submissions are resolved without any court’s involvement. Please note that while many FIRE staff members are attorneys, FIRE is not a law firm engaged in the practice of law, cannot provide legal advice or representation, and does not enter into attorney-client relationships with those we help.

Additionally, FIRE does not take cases from university staff members who lack faculty or student status, cases from elementary or high-school students, cases that are primarily grade disputes, or cases that arise at schools outside the United States. For more information about FIRE’s work and the cases in which it has intervened in the past, read FIRE’s mission and visit FIRE’s case archives.