The Clock is Ticking for Western Michigan University

June 15, 2015

As my colleague Catherine Sevcenko informed Torch readers last week, Western Michigan University (WMU) shirked its legal and moral duties to its students by making its free speech policies nearly impossible to find. Those same policies are the ones WMU agreed to change and enact after student group Kalamazoo Peace Center (KPC) sued WMU for attempting to keep rapper and activist Boots Riley off campus. WMU simply claims that they’ve enacted the policies without notifying students in any way. WMU students deserve better.

To ensure that WMU knows that its unacceptable behavior has not gone unnoticed, we’ve created a clock that counts (to the second!) how long it’s been since WMU started playing games and, in the process, sacrificing its students’ speech rights.

We’re well aware of how important good press is to WMU, so we’ll be happy to take down our clock once WMU’s policies on free speech are easily accessible to students. Your move, WMU.

Schools:  Western Michigan University

Cases:  Western Michigan University – Stand Up For Speech Lawsuit