The UW Waiting Game Begins

February 15, 2006

Yesterday, the Badger Herald at the University of Wisconsin–Madison featured an article on the letter recently sent to UW System President Kevin Reilly by ten Wisconsin legislators. As the article points out, FIRE’s public exposure of UW–Eau Claire’s ban on RAs’ holding Bible studies in their dorms (which is also in force at UW-Madison) resulted in a “firestorm of controversy last fall,” policy recommendations by a special committee, and a call for feedback from the public. A new system-wide policy on the subject will be promulgated in March. Interestingly, the article also said the following:

The public-comment period ended last Friday. The website, Bradley said, saw a “flurry of activity” from students, faculty and community members, including a significant showing from out-of-state people interested in the issue.

As Torch readers know, FIRE frequently urged friends of liberty to register feedback on the UW webpage constructed for that purpose. All those who contributed to the “flurry of activity” that UW so clearly noticed have our thanks.

Schools:  University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire University of Wisconsin – Madison