This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Liberty

December 11, 2008

Struggling to think of holiday gifts for your friends and loved ones? This holiday season, give them the gift of liberty! Just donate between now and December 31, and take advantage of FIRE’s two special holiday offers.

With a gift of just $25, we’ll not only give you a subscription to The FIRE Quarterly, we’ll send a gift subscription to a friend or loved one at no additional cost. Just provide us with the name and address of the individual you’d like to receive the subscription, and we’ll send a personalized holiday note, a starter issue of The FIRE Quarterly, and a FIRE pen.

If a gift subscription isn’t what you’re looking for this holiday season, give a gift donation to the cause of liberty. A gift donation is the perfect way to honor friends or loved oneswhether it’s giving to one of their favorite causes, or opening their eyes for the first time to issues of liberty on campus. Send a donation at one of FIRE’s six giving levels along with the name and address of the individual you’d like to honor with your gift, and we’ll send a personalized holiday note along with all the benefits of your donation. And don’t forget our promotional giveaways!

If you know someone who is liberty-minded, a member of a campus community, a college or university alumnus, or even a parent of a college student, look no further for their holiday gift this season. Make a donation today!

If you have any questions about FIRE’s holiday offers or about donating in general, send them to and we’ll be happy to help.