Top 5 Reasons to Join FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network

May 1, 2012

FIRE’s Campus Freedom Network recently added our 5,000th student member! To celebrate, we want to tell another 5,000 students and faculty about FIRE and the resources that we offer to stop campus censorship and promote free speech on campuses across the country.  

Not a member yet? Here are the top 5 reasons you should join the CFN:

1. Support free speech on campus. By joining the CFN, you show your support for free speech on campus and the idea that universities should promote a marketplace of ideas, not censorship.

2. Hear directly about threats to free speech on your campus. As a CFN member, you hear about it first when speech at your college or university is censored or threatened. 

3. Resources and events for you or your student group. CFN members can request FIRE’s Guides to Student Rights on Campus and other literature to distribute on campus. CFN members are invited to the annual CFN summer conference, online events like FIRE’s new webinar series, and any of FIRE’s campus speeches in your area. Plus, you can find great ideas for how to plan events and advocate for free speech in our monthly emails and on our website,  

4. Advice. CFN members can talk to FIRE staff for advice about how to plan free speech events, understand their school’s speech codes, and even pursue speech code reform on their campus.

5. Everyone who signs up gets a free FIRE T-shirt! Join today: 

Register for the CFN!

Already a member? If every current member of our network asks just one other person to join, we can double our coalition and ensure that the next generation of students learns about their rights on campus before their speech is stifled.

Help us spread the word! 5 new members will win a Kindle pre-loaded with books on free speech and the First Amendment! The people who referred them will also win, so be sure to remind whomever you refer to list your name as the reason they signed up.

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