Top Five Reasons to Attend the FSN Summer Conference

May 7, 2014

Do your summer plans include gearing up to combat censorship on your college campus? Luckily for you, they could: The sixth annual FIRE Student Network Summer Conference is quickly approaching!

Taking place on July 25–27 just outside of Philadelphia at Bryn Mawr College, our FSN Conference will teach, challenge, and invigorate you. Join students from all across the country to learn about student rights and how to create change on your campus!

If you have not yet applied, check out these top five reasons to attend, and then submit your application.

Meet students who share your passion for free speech!
Fun, friendship, and free speech at the 2013 Conference

Have your world rocked by speakers like Jonathan Rauch and Lenore Skenazy!
Jonathan Rauch speaking during “The State of Free Speech in America” at the National Constitution Center

Meet the FIRE “Dream Team”!
FIRE Staff

Learn dynamic strategies to make your campus more friendly for free speech!
The FSN Conference is a weekend-long workshop designed to teach you about your First Amendment rights on campus and how to defend them.

It’s completely free! (And you get a travel stipend!)
2013 Conference Attendees

Still not convinced? We’re happy to give you even more reasons to attend. (Warning—there’s a lot!) Email us at

We look forward to your application!