Top Five Reasons You Should Support FIRE: #5

December 20, 2010

Throughout the remainder of the year, we will be counting down the top five reasons why donating to FIRE this holiday season is a great investment. We’ll be posting a new reason every other day on The Torch, so be sure to check back for updates.

The number five reason to donate to FIRE is:

We are a uniquely nonpartisan organization, recognized across the political and ideological spectra as a serious and effective voice on behalf of student rights on our nation’s campuses. We have deservedly earned a reputation as a principled defender of civil liberties and in 2010 alone have been invited to contribute articles and give interviews in many diverse and impressive media outlets.

FIRE has a politically diverse staff that believes in one thing above all else: the importance of preserving free speech and individual liberties on our campuses for the sake of our nation’s future. FIRE has won more than 190 cases over the past 11 years, and we have done so defending people from all backgrounds and all beliefs. We have fought for the rights of students to host speakers from across the ideological spectrum on their campuses, as well as the rights of students to protest those very same speakers. We bring justice for wronged students, professors, and student groups across partisan lines in a way that no other organization can.

Because we’re uniquely nonpartisan, FIRE has earned a reputation during our existence as both a fair broker and a major player when it comes to defending core constitutional liberties on campus. This authority springs from the fact that FIRE does not push any particular political or ideological agenda; rather, we stand solidly behind the principle that all viewpoints should be heard in the true marketplace of ideas necessary for thought and debate to flourish.

Our consistent and principled approach has proven fruitful because it allows us to employ a comprehensive outreach strategy to reach diverse media outlets catering to a wide variety of audiences. For example, in 2010, FIRE published op-eds in such varied publications as Reason, Free Inquiry, The Wall Street Journal, and Congressional Quarterly Researcher. These publications alone provided significant platforms for reaching four separate audiences with information about FIRE’s workand they are just a few of the many publications in which FIRE’s work received coverage in 2010.

FIRE’s nonpartisan nature, combined with our legal prowess and sprawling public awareness campaign, has helped us to establish a reputation as the legal experts with the best policy guidance on campus rights.

Stay tuned for the number four reason you should give to FIRE this holiday season!

Also, we encourage you to e-mail us at and tell us why you support our work. We will even send you a free FIRE T-shirt for sharing the motivation behind your donations.