U.S. Senate Race Between Henry Ford and Truman Newberry Is Reviewed

On September 17, 1918, almost two months before the end of the race, a resolution entered the Senate asking for the Michigan Senate race between Henry Ford and Truman Newberry to be reviewed. The investigation was sparked by a report from Newberry’s campaign stating that they had spent over $175,000. At the time, the limit on campaign spending in Michigan was $3,750. After Newberry won, Ford filed two petitions asking for the Senate for a recount and to look into accusations of unlawful expenditures and intimidating voters. In December, a resolution was adopted calling for an official investigation. This would lead the Supreme Court to hear Newberry v. United States in 1921. In 1935, these events would be examined in Spencer Ervin’s book, “Henry Ford vs Truman Newberry: The Famous Senate Election Contest”.

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