UC Davis Update: Amid Calls for Resignation, Chancellor Apologizes

November 22, 2011

Outrage over the shocking use of pepper spray on seated students by campus police at the University of California at Davis continues to grow, and repercussions for the institution’s administration may follow.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports this morning that calls for the resignation of Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi are mounting. The Board of the Davis Faculty Association has asked Chancellor Katehi to resign immediately, and the university’s English Department has echoed that request. The Chancellor apologized yesterday at a public rally:

On Monday, at a huge two-and-a-half-hour rally at the center of the Davis campus that drew thousands of students, faculty members, and onlookers, Ms. Katehi spoke briefly and apologized without specifically discussing the actions of the university police.

Taking the stage as scattered shouts of "shame" echoed through the crowd, Ms. Katehi said, "I really feel horrible for what happened on Friday," and promised students that she would earn back their trust.

For now, Mark Yudof, President of the University of California system, has stated that Chancellor Katehi and her peers continue to have his "full trust and confidence." Per The Chronicle, Yudof has also stated that he would be working with the UC Board of Regents to review the system’s policies on police procedure in response to protests.

FIRE will continue to monitor the fallout from last week’s abuse here on The Torch.

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