UCF Free Assembly Areas Policy

F. Free Assembly Areas

1. University buildings and grounds may be scheduled for political activity and other exercises of free speech and assembly in areas specifically designated for that purpose by the President or designee. Such use must be on a noninterference basis with the conduct of classes or other normal activities of the University. Determinations of what constitutes interference shall be made by the University President or designee in the best interests of the University.
In the absence of specific designation made pursuant to (1.) above and subject to other regulations of the University regarding the assembly of large numbers of people, the use of sound amplification equipment, and maintenance of free access to all University facilities, four areas shall be deemed free assembly areas for the conduct of political activity and other exercises of free speech:
  • The open grass area between the Kiosk and the Math and Physics Building as bounded by Apollo Circle and the sidewalks leading to the southwest entrance of the Math and Physics Building,
  • The brick mall area between the John T. Washington Center and the Student Union.
  • The area behind Health and Public Affairs 2 bordering the sidewalks and road adjacent to Engineering 2.
  • The triangle formed by the sidewalks bordering Colbourn Hall, the John C. Washington Center, and the Colbourn Hall Faculty Parking lot.

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