UMass Amherst SGA Resolution

Whereas, Title VII, Chapter 3, Section 10, states that: “Any ESO [Established Student Organization; an RSO is a type of ESO] shall be recognized to have freedom of press and shall not be penalized or subject to penalty due to the subject matter expressed within their medium, with the exception of slander and intentional misrepresentation of SGA members or organizations.” And;

Whereas, The Silent Majority is an active registered student organization on the campus of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, thus subject to the Constitution and ByLaws [sic] of the Student Government Association of UMASS [sic] Amherst under Title VII, and;

Whereas, The Silent Majority published the newspaper The Minuteman on April 1st, 2009. On page 17 under, “Our Jackass of the Month” wrote “the only thing more horrifically large than their bloated 172 [sic] FY2009 budget is the bloated backside of their responsibility-averse Director, Vanessa Snow.” Later they add, “…it a spent [sic] a preposterously indefensible $5000 in Fiscal Year 2008, thus literally making Director Snow’s ass its own (rather large) budgetary line item for Fiscal Year 2009.” This is a clear example of slanderous defamation of character, and an intentional misrepresentation of an SGA member;

Be it Resolved, that the SGA Senate call upon the Secretary of Registry [of the SGA] to suspend the Silent Majority as an RSO based on violations of Title 7 Chapter 3 Section 10 unless The Silent Majority within 2 weeks of the passing of this motion, issue a written apology which shall be published as an advertisement in the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. This apology will directly address the intentional misrepresentation of SGA members within The Minuteman.

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