Library of Congress: "Psst. don't look now, but you're a Supreme Court Justice." Washington, D.C., March 24. Awaiting the speedy decision of the Judiciary Sub-committee of the Senate in the Appropriations Committee Room, William O. Douglas, former S.E.C. Chairman and youngest appointee to the Supreme Court, was pleasingly surprised when chairman Carl A. Hatch slipped up to tell him that he was O.K. with his committee. Next Monday the full committee meets and will undoubtedly pass upon him. 3-24-39

United States v. Paramount Pictures

By May 3, 1948

In United States v. Paramount Pictures Inc., the Supreme Court orders Hollywood production companies to begin divesting their theater ownership to prevent monopolies. Dictum by William O. Douglas indicates that some on the Court believe that movies deserve First Amendment protection.

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