University of California, Santa Barbara, Associated Students Finance Board Meeting Notes (Excerpts), May 2, 2011

University of California, Santa Barbara, Associated Students Finance Board Meeting Notes (College Republicans Request), May 2, 2011

8.College Republicans
$2000 request to bring David Horowitz to speak – secured IV theater May 26th from 7-9pm ? conservative author and columnist runs David Horowitz freedom foundation – security less than 1000, iv theater av and labor 373, and filming by request from David $400 for student to film and make DVD’s or $824 multi-camera set up w/ other labor
Katie: what are you asking from AS ? should we go with what’s on the budget?
Speaker: do not have that info – yes go off the budget
Raul: is this including the making of the DVD?
Speaker: no
Katie: how much are you receiving from private donors?
Speakers: looking into it
Marcus: is there any specific reason he choose our school?
Speaker: recently talked at SB Reagan center – met and liked us
Marcus: did he request the filming?
Speaker: yes
Marcus: are you the person in charge of the event?
Speaker: no – our president probably requested $1500 b/c David is a controversial individual – less than $1000 is what the OSL office has given
Ahmed: has he been here before
Speaker: yes several years ago
April: have you advertised? Is it a free event?
Speaker: traditional flyers  – free for students
April: how many ppl?
Speaker: will draw a large crowd but doesn’t know exact number
Raul: what is he doing with the DVD’s? What will he talk about?
Speaker: academic freedom, middle east, no real idea hat the DVD’s are being used for or his speech topic
James: how are you controlling attendance and tickets?
Speaker: don?t know but possible pre-sale

8. College Republicans
Motion by Marcus to fund $1000 for IVFP, $500 for IV theater one, stipulating that none of this money goes to filming – $1500 total – second by James – unfriendly amendment by Tyler to fund $0 – second by Raul – encouraging FB members to research speaker coming and past event history – objection to call to question – voting to vote – fails 9-7, back in discussion – objection to consent – voting on changing motion to $0 – amendment passes 11-4-2 – new motion to fund $0 – unfriendly amendment by Jason to fund $1500 for security – second by James – voting on making new motion to fund $1500 for security – amendment fails 3-11-2, original motion to fund $0 back in discussion – objection to call to question – voting to vote – fails 7-8, back in discussion – objection to consent – voting to fund $0 – motion passes 11-2-2 – funding $0 total
–       Point was made by the presenter that they did not seek out to David Horowitz to bring him here; the speaker approached them.
–       Presenter stated that Horowitz would only speak if the presentation were filmed.
–       Board members were very concerned with the history of the speaker at UCSB ? one board member said he felt physically unsafe after his last talk here.
–       One board member stated that she felt Horowitz was coming to UCSB with a specific agenda, perhaps not a good one, and did not feel comfortable with that.
–       A number of board members stated they were all for expressing different opinions, but did not want to compromise the safety of students.
–       A number of board members asserted that this event should be funded under the freedom of speech in the Constitution.
–       One board member recounted that when he last came to this campus, there was no dialogue in the Q&A portion of the speech, but that he shouted and spoke over people.
–       Many were concerned with the action that was taking the last time Horowitz was here in that there was a full-page ad taken out of the Nexus that directly stated the Muslim Student Association was linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and Hamas.
–       Many wondered where else the College Republicans were going to for funding.
–       The presenter for College Republicans did not seem to know much about the event or the funding request-the was a point of concern in that many questions asked by the Board were not sufficiently answered.
–       A number of board members stated that as much as you may ideologically disagree with this speaker’s message, it is important to give a voice to all sides.
–       Others asserted that this was not an issue of reluctance toward a different side, but it was a question as to the perceived safety of a campus organization following this lecture.
–       A number of times, the slogan ?AS is a place for everyone? came up for both sides of the argument
o       For bringing him-every viewpoint should be heard
o       For not bringing him-inclusivity is a major theme of this association and to outcast a particular group would not be inclusive.
–       One board member brought up that it is important to be fair to different political opinions-we have funded Campus Democrats, we should be consistent with our funding.
o       Others disagreed and stated that it was an issue of being consistent because it was not like College Republicans went out in search of David Horowitz to come speak. They were approached by representatives of the speaker and asked if they could speak on this campus. It seemed as though this was not a College Republicans event because it was not their idea, but instead an event that was brought to them.

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