University of Delaware Passes ResLife Admin Costs to Students

May 22, 2008

The University of Delaware has promised a great deal more oversight over the Office of Residence Life as it implements its controversial 2008-2009 educational program for students in the residence halls in the wake of last year’s version of the program, which required students to undergo ideological reeducation.

One of the promises of oversight is that a new position at the Vice President level under Vice President for Student Life Michael Gilbert will have ResLife oversight as a primary duty.

How is UD paying for it? Budget monies are fungible, so one never can really tell. But I can report that on Monday, the Board of Trustees also (quoting

  • Increased residence hall rates by an average of 8 percent … with the cost for a traditional double room increasing by $380 to $5,128;
  • Increased dining plan rates by an average of 4.7 percent … with the fall semester, with the 19-meals-per-week plan increasing by $150 to $3,350;
  • Increased the Student Health Service fee by [6 percent,] increased the Comprehensive Fee by [15 percent,] and increased the Student Center Fee by [3 percent].

Are its environmental sustainability initiatives really saving UD money? If so, the savings are not being passed along to students. Instead, the increased administration is costing the students even more money.

Eight percent seems to be on the high side for an annual increase. In the long run, such increases are unsustainable.

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