‘USA Today’ on FIRE and the Mohammed Cartoons

April 19, 2006

USA Today this morning features a piece by Nat Hentoff, noted columnist and member of FIRE’s Board of Advisors, discussing the Danish Mohammed cartoon controversy on America’s campuses. In the article, “‘Free speech’ cries ring hollow on college campuses and beyond,” Hentoff focuses on shameful instances of censorship at Minnesota’s Century College and at New York University—both cases in which FIRE was involved. The column is particularly timely in light of FIRE’s letter to NYU yesterday asking President John Sexton to publicly repudiate the university’s censorship of a discussion about the cartoons and to live up to the university’s promises of freedom of expression.

Schools:  New York University

Cases:  New York University: Suppression of Discussion of Mohammed Cartoons Mohammed Cartoon Controversy: FIRE Response to Intimidation and Newspaper Disputes Topic: Campuses Attempt to Censor Publication of Depictions of Mohammed