August 28, 2013

I will respect the dignity of all persons
I will discourage bigotry,
striving to learn from differences in people, ideas and opinions. A commitment to this ideal pledges
affirmative support for equal rights and opportunities for all
students regardless of their age, sex, race, religion,
disability, international/ethnic heritage, socioeconomic status, political, social or other affiliation or disaffiliation, or affectional preference. I will demonstrate
concern for others, their feelings and their need for
conditions which support their work and development. A commitment to this ideal is a pledge to be compassionate and considerate, to avoid behaviors
which are insensitive, inhospitable or insightful, or
which unjustly or arbitrarily inhibit another’s ability
to feel safe or welcomed in their pursuit of appropriate academic goals. Allegiance to these ideals obligates each student to refrain from and discourage
behaviors which threaten the freedom and respect all
USC Upstate community members deserve. This last
clause reminds community members that they are
not only obliged to avoid these behaviors, but that
not only obliged to avoid these behaviors, but that they also have an affirmative obligation to confront
and challenge and respond to or report the behaviors
whenever or wherever they are encountered.