Video: FIRE Supporter Milton Friedman on the Marketplace of Ideas

September 24, 2012

Here’s a nice Monday afternoon treat for the liberty lovers among you. Check out this short video of renowned economist and free market champion Milton Friedman posted by Free to Choose Media Network. 

During a Q & A segment of "Milton Friedman Speaks: Myths That Conceal Reality," he explains to the audience: 

"People will be best able to distinguish truth from falsity if they have the opportunity to hear a variety of different opinions…so let’s by all means have a clash of opinion, let different beliefs clash in the marketplace of ideas, but let’s not have a monopoly or subsidization of one brand of ideas versus another."

We at FIRE couldn’t agree more.  

Mr. Friedman’s words spoken in 1978 still hold so much truth today, especially on our university campuses, where the "wrong" ideas are often silenced, belief-based student groups are driven away, and "civility" trumps debate all too often. 

FIRE is honored to have had the support of Mr. Friedman, who once said of us:

"Over the course of a long lifetime, I have witnessed a serious decline in tolerance and respect for freedom of speech in the academy. FIRE is currently the most effective force countering that trend. It deserves the support of every believer in a free society." 

Please consider answering Friedman’s call to action and support FIRE with a donation today. We are the best hope for returning our nation’s colleges and universities to the marketplaces of ideas they were meant to be.