Vive la difference!

February 18, 2005

Those who are familiar with group blogs—even group blogs comprised of people united behind a common purpose or mission, including National Review’s excellent Corner and Reason magazine’s prolific Hit and Run—are accustomed to reading polite (well, not always polite) and informative debate about the vital issues addressed by the blog. The Torch will be no exception. FIRE is a remarkable organization with an astonishing level of intellectual diversity for the size of the staff. Consequently, while we are all united behind the mission of defending individual liberty in higher education, we often have disagreements about matters like root causes and long-term cultural solutions. It is important for those differences to be discussed in a forum that is intellectually open, and it is important for our readers to contribute to this discussion. FIRE is an increasingly important cultural and legal force in higher education, and it is vitally important that our critique of modern academia be well thought out and tested in the free marketplace of ideas. So, do not be surprised if we disagree on some issues, and always know that we will continue to defend individual liberty tenaciously and aggressively.

Now, sit back and enjoy the debate. At least you will, for I fear that I am about to be skewered….