Weekly Media Round-up: Coverage of Illinois, Texas, Tufts and Brandeis

October 10, 2008

With all the news coming out of the University of Illinois this week, including coverage of FIRE’s efforts in the Chicago Tribune and the Associated Press, we moved our usual media round-up to Wednesday, but have a few additions to make as the week comes to a close.

With election day fast approaching, FIRE continues to monitor the situation at Illinois along with the recent case at the University of Texas at Austin, where good sense finally seems to have prevailed concerning political expression as well. Torch readers can rest assured that if political expression on campus is threatened during this charged campaign season, FIRE will be there to help.

As covered at length throughout the week, FIRE sent an official comment to Tufts University concerning the recently released draft Declaration on Freedom of Expression and Inquiry at Tufts University, spelling out our concerns with the potential threats to free speech contained therein. As Tufts continues to receive and evaluate comments on the draft Declaration, FIRE will watch the situation closely and report breaking news on The Torch. We hope our public efforts will help restore Tufts’ good name and remove the school from FIRE’s Red Alert list.

Elsewhere, Nat Hentoff’s article concerning the abuses of free speech at Brandeis University continues to impress with its widespread circulation. (Of course, given the Brandeis administration’s outrageous treatment of Professor Donald Hindley, we should not be surprised that Hentoff’s penetrating piece would garner so much attention.) A blog posted by the popular Heeb Magazine is the latest to mention Hentoff’s piece. Finally, Ithaca College’s newspaper The Ithacan cites Adam Kissel, director of FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program, in an article concerning the often illiberal double standards of political speech for professors in the academy.