‘Weekly Standard’ on ‘The Big Chill’ Created by Feds’ Speech Code Mandate

June 3, 2013

In a piece for the June 10 edition of The Weekly Standard, Charlotte Allen tackles the federal government’s new speech code "blueprint" by tracking how it diverges from legal precedent and the government’s prior guidance to colleges and universities. Her reporting cites FIRE President Greg Lukianoff, who says that the blueprint letter "widens the universe of things to be considered" when determining what constitutes sexual harassment on campus. She also quotes UCLA law professor and popular legal blogger Eugene Volokh, who believes that the letter creates "a very dangerous situation." To read Allen’s article and find out what else Greg had to say, visit WeeklyStandard.com or pick up a copy of the magazine next week.

Cases:  Departments of Education and Justice: National “Blueprint” for Unconstitutional Speech Codes