Welcome Students for Life

Each year, thousands of students face censorship on campus.

At the University of Wisconsin-Stevens, a student government official tore up the crosses in a pro-life display because he didn’t think students “had a right to challenge [Roe vs. wade].” You have to watch the clip below to believe it.

At Cornell University, two administrators seized a student group’s pro-life display immediately after it was erected and refused to return the signs to the students until university police forced them to do so.

At the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, the university forced a pro-life group to move its display to a field because its images would violate a policy against “emotional harassment” and be a fire hazard, despite the fact that other groups were allowed to have signs on campus.

At Northern Kentucky University, professor Sally Jacobsen invited students in one of her classes “to express their freedom-of-speech rights to destroy” an anti-abortion display.