Wendy Kaminer on Feds’ New Speech Code Mandate: ‘No Sex Talk Allowed’

May 16, 2013

News of the May 9 federal "blueprint" from the Departments of Education and Justice mandating college speech codes across the country has understandably outraged commentators from across the political spectrum. Here on The Torch, we’re going to highlight some of them one at a time so that readers can see the breadth of the objections to this shameful demand for censorship.

First up is civil libertarian, author, and FIRE Board of Advisors member Wendy Kaminer, who points out in The Atlantic that "You have to read the administration’s latest diktat to colleges and universities to believe it." Read Kaminer’s article, and if you haven’t yet, let the feds know how you feel!

Cases:  Departments of Education and Justice: National “Blueprint” for Unconstitutional Speech Codes